Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How to Use Chipboard

Every place you look chip board is being used not just for scrapbooking but on other craft projects and in home decor. The reason I like chipboard is that its cheap, versatile and easy to use. Its a fast and easy way to add texture to a scrapbooking page

What is chipboard ? Its pressed fiber thick paper that is usually made from recycled paper. Now you might say well Ive never seen chipboard but you have it that stuff on the back of notebooks and spiral pads- that brown cardboard we all have laying around.

Here are some great ways you can use chipboard when scrapbooking:

Make number or letter embellishments out of chipboard- place printed paper over the top of chipboard and press hard along the outside of each letter with a pencil or pen, making an impression into the chipboard. Then you just cut it out.

Create a one-of-a-kind chipboard embellishments- cut out shapes such as flowers, stars or even tag shapes and cover with scrapbooking papers distressing the edges. They can also be painted with craft paint or chalked

Frames or photo mats really stand out when made out of chipboard. I like the difference in dimension that chipboard gives to a page layout. Chipboard will help your photos stand out more too. Add eyelets or brads and even rub-ons to make this a unique addition to your page

Making your journal block out of chipboard will make it more noticeable on the page

Chipboard edges can be sanded with an emery board to give them a more vintage look

Designs can be embossed on chipboard for even another effect

Working with chipboard can be fun and will really make things pop out on your scrapboard page and what can be less expensive then the back of an old notepad

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