Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Basic Steps for Creating a Page

There are a few simple steps in creating a scrapbooking page that will make you much happier with your finished product but be sure to remember do not stress over the page this is to be fun- be flexible and enjoy yourself

1.Choose the theme of the page- a trip to the zoo, first day of school, etc

2.Choose the photos you want to use that represent the theme of your page

3.Sketch out a basic layout for your page -where will things go, where will things fit and choose a color theme

4.Crop your photos to remove unwanted and unnecessary space

5.Mat your photos- this will make them the focal point of the page

6. Select the embellishments you want to use- the stickers, braids,ink, stamps, etc.

7.Start arranging all of your elements on the page like a puzzle. play around with them in different arrangements

8. When you are happy with the way it looks walk away from it for a few minutes if possible and come back and look once more before glueing it down.

Now you have finished a page....if your like me you have boxes of photos on to the next !

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