Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Don't Destroy Your Scrapbooking Pages Slowly

After spending your time and energy creating beautiful scrapbooking pages do not let them be destroyed slowly. Learn about the various chemicals that will damage your scrapbook over time and ensure that your pages are just as beautiful as the day you made them years from now.

Paper- avoid paper that is not lignin-free. Lignin is the stiff component of a plant that holds it together. After a while lignin will cause paper, photos and fabric to turn brown. Lignin free paper does cost more but is well worth the price.

Fabric- fabric is not acid free if you are going to use it be sure that it doesn't touch photos directly. Place paper beneath fabric if you are going to have it overlapping. The other thing to consider with fabric is if it will bleed. Test your fabric by soaking it in water overnight before using.

Glitter- use special glitter glue when using glitter assuring that the glitter stays in place if not your photos will be scratched

Mounting tape- be sure to use acid-free mounting tape on photos or they will slowly discolor

These are just a few simple tips to follow to insure that your beautiful photos and scrapbooking pages stand the test of time

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