Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Different Ideas for Backgrounds

Many times we run out of ideas for the background on our scrapbooking pages below are a few that you might consider using

1.Book jacket- use the book jacket of a favorite book of your childs or yours such as Harry Potter you can use the actual book cover or scan it on your computer and use the paper you create

2.Clothing- scan a piece of clothing such as a team uniform on your computer and use the paper created for a background

3.Use left over scraps of fabrics from costumes such as Halloween for the background

4.For scouting pages scan badges and emblems and then print the paper to be used as a background, this same thing can be used with any uniform that has badges

5.Use calendar pages they have wonderful images and can be cut down to the right size for your scrapbook

6.Maps make great background for pages about trips

7.Scan the newspaper especially the comics or sport events that you or child have taken part in to make the background paper

8.By scanning sheet music you have a background page for a childs recital - make it personal by scanning the piece that they played

9.Scan doilies for the background of pages to get a lacy look

10.Take a picture of items like cheerios, jelly beans, marshmallows and other small food items, then scan into your computer and print.

11.Use gift wrap and wallpaper- many times you can get wallpaper books for your local wallpaper store

12.Brochures and documents can be use or scanned and printed for a background

These are just a few ideas for backgrounds. Look around let your creativity flow. Please remember if you are not sure if this papers are safe for scrapbooking scan them and print them onto paper that is

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