Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Five Things Every Scrapbooking Page Should Have

When scrapbooking as especially as a beginner we often look at a blank page and are completely overwhelmed. Relax this is suppose to be fun and there really is no right or wrong so just let your imagination and creativity flow and remember these five things that every scrapbook page should contain ( well in my opinion)

1.Photos- pick out the best photos that represent the feeling and look you want the page to have - dont try to use every photo

2.Journaling - writing something about the photos. Remember you will be looking at these pictures years from now and wouldnt you like to know who the people in them are, where the picture was taken and when.

3.Use complementary colors- try to cooridinate your colors and patterns so that they are pleasing to the eye

4.Effective designing- dont let the other stuff overpower your photos they are what is important - too much can only distract

5.Lasting- make sure you only use supplies that are going to last that they are archival quality so that they will withstand the test of time

Have fun preserving your memories it really is worth the time !

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