Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How to Preserve Newspaper Clipping

At some time in our lives we all want to preserve a newspaper clipping. Maybe our child scored the winning homerun or won the local science contest, wedding announcements even the sadness of a obituary we want to preserve. These are all things we want to preserve but they begin to deteriorate the moment they come off the press. Do we have to accept this- no with the help of modern technology we can preserve these clippings to be read and enjoyed by future generations. Below are a few options:

1.Archival Mist Spray - this product neutralizes the acid in the paper. It is expensive but is the best in my opinion and can be found in scrapbooking store and craft stores

2.Make it Acid Free by Krylon is much like this product and less expensive it can also be found in scrapbooking stores and craft stores. it also neutralizes the acid found in paper

3. Scan your article to acid free paper and print it. The results are easy and fanastic and usually look exactly like the original

4. If you dont have a scan this same process can be done at your local print shop

Always use one of the above methods to stop the aging process as soon as possible but if you have articles tucked away its not to late you can not repair the damage already done but you can stop further deterioration.

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