Thursday, July 5, 2007

Printing on Fabric

Printing on fabric is very easy if you follow a few simple steps. It will allow you to place words and images on muslin and other lightweight fabrics to use while scrapbooking

Muslin or light fabric ( should be a light color to see the print)
Freezer paper
Printer( your printer must be a inkjet printer do not use a lazer printer it will melt the freezer paper and ruin your printer)

Choose you image and set it to the desired size using the photo editor you have on your computer.
Choose your fabric- if you are wanting your fabric tea or coffee stained you must do this before you print on it
Cut a piece of freeze paper and a piece of fabric to 8 ½ x 11inches- the same size as your printer paper
Lay the freezer paper shiny side down on to the fabric and iron with a hot iron but no steam
Trim off any stray threads so they wont get caught in your computer
Place the fabric/freezer sheet you just made fabric side down into your computer and choose the image you have saved onto your computer. Now print using the cardstock setting.
Peel off the freezer paper and heat set the image with a hot dry iron

There are tons of ways you can use the printed fabrics in altered art and on scrapbooking pages so have fun and let your creativity flow.

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